You are the result of every decision you have made.

You are the result of every decision you’ve made. An obvious, but much avoided, truth made so poignantly vivid by Jeremiah McDonald to his 12 year old self here.

There are so many inspired moments within this short video, but my favourite has to be at 3’20” where Jeremiah makes a decision, having woken-up to himself. The fire is re-lit inside him, he’s back on purpose and nothing else matters but pursuing his passion; “what he does”. And he takes action.  Ahh, is there anything better in life? Is there anything more worthy of celebration than witnessing (or being) a person acting on their deep recollection of themselves?

Decide to spend your next 4 minutes watching this delightfully clever and funny creation or abandon reading this post now.  You’d be “wasting your time” trying to make sense of it, if you don’t.  And I’d hate to be blamed for that 😉

So, what do you do exactly?

What did you do before you decided not to? 

What were you doing “before you made this video”? At whatever age that was.

Do you remember? Or did it get overshadowed by decisions you made about growing-up, getting a real job, getting an education, raising a family, being responsible?

Or is it “all a blur”?

We might blame the advent of the internet for having no time; we might bemoan how technology has changed our lives; we might bleat that we all have to be “plugged-in” 24/7. NO! That’s all a decision. A decision we make. Technology doesn’t demand anything of us. Technology doesn’t have the ability to change us. We do that. We decide how attached we want to be to it. For better or for worse. For richer, for poorer… you get the idea.

And that’s the brilliance of human beings (yes, YOU!); we can make very quick, very smart decisions in each and every moment of our lives. We are, believe it or not, still smarter than the device in our pocket. We can still evaluate, decide and act based on our desires, passions and sense of purpose. We might get distracted, but we do still have the spark of that fire within us.

But sometimes we need help remembering.

I know I did. And still do from time to time, to be perfectly honest.