Here’s a short meditation for those moments when you simply want to take 10mins out of your busy day – or rather to add 10 minutes of calm into your day! No need for props or the perfect space to do this in, simply click and listen and enjoy!

Why Poetry?

Why poetry, you ask?
Why breathe, I respond.

To capture inner changes I barely perceive.
To explore the flavour of spaces between my words.

To jump off bridges into adjective and adverb —
gladly, potently.

To open my heart — 
then write myself forward onto open page.

To elaborate when doldrummed —
investigate doll drummed into me,
exquisite wonder fashioned out of me
as I declare I am lost.

Here I am found with pen tip caresses —
the swirl and curl of my unfurling mind.

I flow onto paper cupped in its splayed hands.

An offering for our current times.

Cancer Prepared Us For This
Cancer Prepared Us For This

We already have the callouses
From dropping to our knees in shock
From dragging ourselves through treatment
From nightly prayers that death won’t take us.

We know the fear, the dread, the tears.
We know the denial, the trials of those years.
We know the place of solitude
Where no-one can reach in,
Nor us reach back to normal.

And here we are. 
Collectively shocked.
Community-robbed, except…
This is global. 
It is local,
It is family of billions 
and of two.

It is a different isolation.

Corona gathers us together for the first time ever.
Yet physically we are parted. Alone.
But we feel. We feel our heart. We feel each other.
We feel in the quiet 
a strange, supernatural becoming
But is it real?
Is it fanciful imagining 
borne of scavenging 
for sense?

Or is it a deeper knowing that this time was coming
The Second Coming was for all of us to rise to.
No individual saviour. 
No guru on the pathway.
The next guru is the Sangha - from the wise.

Cancer broke us of our blindness.
It brought horror and a kindness
That now we show the world on their own knees.
Help one up. Smooth their face,
Hold them close in an embrace
That reminds them they were born for this time.
To transform the destruction
The ego-driven grasping
For trinkets that can’t ever satisfy.

We are frightened. We surrender.
To the impossible horror 
Of simply not knowing our fate.
Death comes knocking
For me? 
For you?
Which is the worst of the two?

And when it doesn’t. Not just yet.
There is still the winning bet…
We will all die of something someday.
Let’s live now 
Enjoy the Monday 
That changed face overnight to any day you choose 
between moonlight when the muse 
Returns to haunt our dreams of what’s to come.

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