Personal Coaching – bringing clarity to who you are.

Drawing on 30 years of my own study, I lead you through a process of transforming your relationship to yourself and to how you express yourself in the world.

Experience Something Different
Through well-crafted interaction, hands-on and verbal, I can help you to release stories that don’t help you and reach the results you are aiming for. You learn to express yourself with a rich resonance and healthy power, without the strain and force that you thought was necessary. Your connection to yourself and others changes. You experience life with less striving for perfection and more ease in what is.

Rethink Beliefs
This fresh, new insight into what is possible will provide compelling reasons to reconsider some of your firmly held ideas about what has to happen in order to hold that focus and ask for what you want – of yourself, of others, of life. We can work together to tease apart some of these ideas and to relieve some of the burden you have been placing on yourself.

Know your Body and Mind
We will discuss anatomical and functional truths, principles of movement and the role of ‘thinking’ in our movements. You will become better acquainted with what you are doing with your body and how you are interacting with it. You will get more mindful of your choices and more clarity about your desires. You will get better and better at taking charge of your mind, body and life.

Questions, Stories, Joy!
I will ask questions that help you to find your own answers. I will tell stories that will illustrate the principles and let you know that you’re not alone. I will encourage you to notice the joy as you explore what you are doing, how you are functioning and how your ideas and beliefs impact the results you are getting. This can be an enjoyable and empowering learning process.

Private Sessions of 50mins are offered on a sliding scale in agreement between us, around the range of $75-$160CAD. Arrangements can be made for a series of multiple sessions with payment over a period of time. I encourage you to make contact and come for an initial session to discover whether this approach is a fit for you. I am very open to questions and custom creations that suit our mutual needs and time commitments.

“Emma put her hands on my neck and a wave of relaxation instantly spread down through my body. She placed a hand on my rib cage and a lifetime of “holding myself up” gently dissolved along with an old familiar stress.”  K Todd, New York.


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