Performance Coaching

Drawing on 30 years of my own study, I lead you through a process of transforming your relationship to yourself, to your movements, to your thinking.

Experience Something Different
Through well-crafted interaction, I can help you to stop making unnecessary and harmful movements, which get in the way of the results you are aiming for. You hear yourself singing with a rich resonance and power, without the strain and force that you thought was necessary. You experience holding your musical instrument easily, and your playing and connection to the music changes. You experience getting the results you want on stage with much less effort.

Rethink Beliefs
This fresh, new insight into what is possible will provide compelling reasons to reconsider some of your firmly held ideas about what has to happen in order to hold that focus, pick up your instrument or step up to the mic. We can work together to tease apart some of these ideas and to analyse how you might more usefully think about your tasks.

Know your Body and Mind
We will discuss anatomical and functional truths, principles of movement and the role of ‘thinking’ in our movements. You will become better acquainted with what you are doing with your body and how you are interacting with it. You will get more mindful of your choices and more clarity about your desires. You will get better and better at taking charge of your mind, body and life.

Questions, Stories, JOY!
I will ask questions that help you to find your own answers. I will tell stories that will illustrate the principles and let you know that you’re not alone. I will encourage you to notice the joy as you explore what you are doing, how you are functioning and how your ideas and beliefs impact the results you are getting. This can be an enjoyable and empowering learning process, not simply a body-correction system.

“Emma put her hands on my neck and a wave of relaxation instantly spread down through my body. She placed a hand on my rib cage and a lifetime of “holding myself up” gently dissolved.”  K Todd, New York.


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