Journalling Guides

Are you someone who has received a diagnosis of cancer? Or are you the carer of that person?

If so, these are for you.

I have selected poems and excerpts from my play, Breastless, written about my experience with Breast Cancer. Each downloadable section includes commentary of the piece and encouragement to consider your own thoughts on each particular aspect of what is faced when we receive a cancer diagnosis. This is followed by journalling prompts to guide you into your own self-enquiry. Each download contains both written pdf.s and audio mp3 files.

Journalling is scientifically-proven to be a therapeutic tool, a stress-reliever and a pathway to clarity as you write down your own thoughts and feelings.

My wish is that these offerings guide you into a writing practice that can reduce your fear, open your heart and lead you to better all-round health.

May it be so.

Available Downloads

Let’s Write Together

An hour in my Zoom Room every month for us all to settle in, enjoy a brief centring meditation, listen to a poem and then write for 20mins; either to …

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$ (min $15.00)

Pay From The Heart for my Offerings

There is no set price for these offerings. I have simply set guidelines for you to choose between, as explained here: I invite you to check-in with what payment feels …

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Reaching out for Support

This Guide is based on the opening scene from Breastless; the announcement of my cancer diagnosis on Facebook. It helps with clarifying and voicing your needs.

$ (min $5.00)

Pay from the Heart.

There is no set price for these offerings. I have simply set guidelines for you to choose between. Please read on.

I have prepared these creations; the play, this website and now these guides, with those of you in mind who have gone through this or who will. Those who are carers, personal or professional. Anyone who is seeking encouragement to voice their perspective, not stifle it inside. I want it to be accessible to many and I don’t want money to get in the way of that accessibility. Also this is my work and I do need to earn from it, so I am offering it all in a way that might serve us both.

I ask that you check with your heart what feels right to you, in everything in life of course, but this time when it comes to payment.

I know the financial realities of a cancer diagnosis. You may not be able to work and be worrying about money. You might have to pay for treatment from your hard-earned savings because you live in a country without publicly funded healthcare. Your savings might be non-existent. You might be feeling up to your ears in debt. Or you might be earning a good wage but are on your knees with exhaustion in a caring role. You might be just fine, but want to buy this for a friend in need.

I invite you to check-in with what payment feels good to you, within the parameters that I set below.

Please know that if $5 is all you feel is available in this moment, that is enough. You might like to supplement the money with some love in others ways; sharing the website or my social media links with a friend or with a healthcare supporter. Or send me a note to tell me how this is helping you. All of this is a gift in return. And if money is the easiest form of exchange for you, I will receive it with much gratitude.

My Guidelines in Canadian Dollars:

$5 is the minimum. 

$15 would feel like good recompense to me for the care, time and technology involved.

And $75, wow! That would feel like I am being honoured with golden sunbeams of gratitude!

So now please just drop into your heart and choose what feels resonant between $5 and $75 for this offering. It can be a tender process, it can also be fun. Don’t worry, you can’t get this wrong!

Whatever you choose, Merci. Gracias. Danke.

Blessings, Emma