“I particularly love your clarity, straightforwardness, gentleness and generosity of spirit – it all feels so natural and true at same time as being extremely well crafted and beautifully balanced.”

Lynne C

Sunday November 26th 2023 at 10amPST – 1pmET – 6pmUTC:

Let’s Write Together!

An hour together in my Zoom-room to settle in, stay at your desk and write.

Many of us love to write and wish we did more often. So why does making time to step out of the daily tasks and into a creative space elude us? Sometimes we need someone or something (like a deadline) to provide that time for us. Which is why I am creating a weekly space to encourage more of us to stop for an hour and get the ballpoint pen rolling.

This can be time to play with that writing project that is sitting in notebooks full of great intentions – and even greater ideas. Time to journal, free-flow, with no structure. Time to edit those poems that are sitting unfinished. Time to tell a story, short and sweet. Time to add to the memoir you hope to leave for your family one day.

We will gather for an hour on Zoom. As you settle into where you are and how you feel, I will lead you in a short creative visualisation, share a poem, and play music while we spend 20-30 minutes writing in whatever way appeals to you. You can be off-camera, you can mute the music, play your own, ignore us all or keep us in mind as your write. I simply offer you this time, in community and with the opportunity to share afterwards, or to hear from others who wish to. And if you’re on a roll, you can leave before the end to continue writing once you’ve broken the hardest part – actually starting!

There is ample science to prove that sitting in a calm and creative space, amongst others doing the same, has positive effects on our nervous system, our endocrine system and our emotional well-being – all of which impacts our ability to create. This is truly a gift to ourselves, an investment in our health and well-being. It also might help to get more creativity shared into our world. And goddess knows, we need that!

“We shine most brightly in community, the whole bedraggled, worn, frayed and tattered lot of us…”

Richard Wagamese, Ojibway Writer and storyteller
We will gather as best we can.

We will spend 20 minutes in private creativity, time for you to explore and express. Then the opportunity will be offered to share reflections or the creation itself and usually discussion will ensue.

Commission A Poem via Zoom

We spend 20-30mins together in my Zoom-Room while I gather your words and thoughts about the subject of your poem. A person you want to celebrate, an event that marks a stage in someone’s life or an ode to a home, a pet, and so many more ideas. I will spend time alone creating a poem for you which I will then type on my turquoise portable typewriter and mail it to you – typed envelope and all. Just like those good ol’ days.

Payment will be made via my Pay From The Heart scale here.

There will soon be a link to take you to Check Out for this service, but while I master the technology for that, please email me:

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