Weekly Zoom Gathering –

Next Class: October tba.

Dear Body…

Time to take stock of how you are; in body, mind and heart. Emma will help you to connect to yourself, as well as to your creativity.

We will gather for an hour on Zoom. As you settle into where you are and how you feel, I will lead you in creative visualisation. Each week a poem, some thoughts, music, and a creative prompt will be chosen to lead you into 20 minutes of expressing yourself, however that appeals to you. 

As a writer, I like to put pen to paper in response to a prompt or question, but you are most welcome to be creative in your own chosen style: draw, paint, cook, sing, dance, strum or weave. Everything is welcome here – you might choose to simply sit, very present in your body, in quiet contemplation/meditation. I simply offer you this time, in community and with the opportunity to share afterwards, or to hear from others who wish to.

There is ample science to prove that sitting in a calm and creative space, amongst others doing the same, has positive effects on our nervous system, our endocrine system and our emotional well-being – all of which impacts our body. This is truly a gift to ourselves and an investment in our health.

“We shine most brightly in community, the whole bedraggled, worn, frayed and tattered lot of us…”

Richard Wagamese, Ojibway Writer and storyteller

This weekly group is for all, whether you consider yourself creatively expressive, or not. I like to say that if you dressed yourself this morning, you know how to be creatively expressive. The same goes for making a meal, playing with children, planting flowers…

Why the title “Dear Body…”? Because in all our busyness, worries, depression or dis-ease, we seem to have forgotten how to be in healthy relationship with our very own vessel and vehicle for life. Our modern-day solutions tend to lead us away from following our own body-cues, gut-feelings, authentic desires and needs. We are told to beautify, strengthen, drop weight, lift weights, fast, meditate, DO something to improve. We have forgotten to listen, feel and take heed of what WE know to be true and needed in this very moment.

This might be of particular relevance if you are dealing with chronic illness and I welcome you in. I underwent cancer diagnosis and treatment and writing still plays a large part in my healing. I am no stranger to emotional distress, neurological dis-regulation, grief, trauma…life, basically! So anyone who is interested in being in connection with their body, their mind and their heart of hearts is most welcome to join and find benefit in allowing these elements of life to be given some space and attention. 

We will gather as best we can.

We will spend 20 minutes in private creativity, time for you to explore and express. Then the opportunity will be offered to share reflections or the creation itself and usually discussion will ensue. The prompts I offer to inspire your creativity will differ as the weeks progress, Dear Body… always being the intention. You may write to your illness, write about your voice, draw yourself well and thriving, cook-up an elixir, dance out your anger, strum yourself into calm… the opportunities are endless and the creation is YOURS. No-one will see it or hear it unless you choose to share. This is connection to self.

Currently, you may register for the week ahead, always on Tuesdays at 9amPT/5pmUK. An option to purchase 4 consecutive sessions is in the works…

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