Let’s Write Together!

An hour in my Zoom Room every month for us all to settle in, enjoy a brief centring meditation, listen to a poem and then write for 20mins; either to the prompt I offer or from something else you heard or that is pressing on your heart. We always end with an opportunity to share, listen and celebrate the writing.


WHY: Because sometimes writing is delicious when alone, and sometimes it is a delight to write while gathered with others doing the same. There’s a magic to it; an attunement that I believe we can sense and which inspires us to drop more deeply into that well of inspiration. This is my rationale for gathering to share our writing.

My hope is that together here we can bring light to all of our stories. To our humanity — our similarities and our differences. Some of you are seasoned writers, some of you journal for your own consideration only, some I know are keen to share what is pouring out of you.

A story shared is a powerful force. Perhaps the ONLY force that can truly change our world; our inner and our outer experience. I am keen to find out whether we can heal our experience of community as we share our creative ideas, our experiences and our desires for our future. As we enter, via story, into an embrace larger than we think is humanly possible. 

WHAT: Come with your chosen writing materials and a willingness to immerse and connect in our Zoom space. I will lead a centring meditation, read a poem and offer a prompt. We will have 20mins to write and then anyone who chooses may share their thoughts or their writing. No pressure, just a chance for some writing and sharing.

WHO: All of us together 🙂 Here’s our opportunity to listen and learn: first and foremost to ourselves, then also to each other. I hope you can free-up this hour to write for yourself and listen and/or share for each other.

Pay from the Heart.

I offer these Zoom gatherings for free but will always welcome something in return if you feel you have benefited and want to reciprocate.

One option is to subscribe to my Substack where I post a new piece of writing every week. There is always the Free option, but the Paid option is $5 per month or $50 per year – and you will get prior notification of the Let’s Write Together dates some months in advance.

The other option, of course, is a simple payment for attending this event and here is how I encourage you to choose.

I invite you to check with your heart what feels right to you, for everything in life of course, but this time when it comes to payment. There are rational variables and circumstances, but there are also those gut knowings that are fun to be aware of. Take a breath, take a moment and consider what feels right to offer in return for the experience. It is simply your choice.

My Guidelines in Canadian Dollars: $15 is the minimum. $30 would feel like good recompense to me for the care, time and technology involved. And $75, wow! That would feel like I am being honoured with golden sunbeams of gratitude!

You might like to show some love in other ways; sharing this website, the link to Let’s Write Together! or my social media links with a friend who might benefit. Alternatively, send me a note to tell me how this is helping you or a testimonial that I can share. All of this is a gift in return. And if money is the easiest form of exchange for you, I will receive it with much gratitude.

So now please just drop into your heart and choose what feels resonant between $15 and $75 for this offering. It can be a tender process, it can also be fun. Don’t worry, you can’t get this wrong! I trust your knowing. Simply fill out the box below and click to Checkout via Paypal.

$ (min $15.00)