Journalling Guide 1

Reaching out for Support

This Guide is based on the opening scene from Breastless; the announcement of my cancer diagnosis on Facebook. It helps with clarifying and voicing your needs. The download includes a written pdf version and three mp3 audio files.

Pay from the Heart.

There is no set price for these offerings. I have simply set guidelines for you to choose between. As explained here.

I invite you to check-in with what payment feels good to you, within the parameters that I set below.

Please know that if $5 is all you feel is available in this moment, that is enough. You might like to supplement the money with some love in others ways, sharing the website or my social media links with a friend or with a healthcare supporter. Or send me a note to tell me how this is helping you. All of this is a gift in return. So thank you.

My Guidelines in Canadian Dollars

$5 is the minimum.

$15 would feel like good recompense to me for the care, design and technology involved.

And $75, wow! That would feel like I am being honoured with golden sunbeams of gratitude!

So now please just drop into your heart and choose what feels resonant between $5 and $75 for this offering. Then click on one of the boxes, or multiple boxes to create the sum that feels good for you and for me. Don’t worry, you can’t get this wrong!

$ (min $5.00)