What do I cherish about myself; my body, my mind, or something larger?

Breastless is a poetic and poignant story of being given the diagnosis of every woman’s worst fear – breast cancer. But this seemingly stark and far too common story is breathtakingly beautiful and at times heartwarmingly humorous. It draws you into the intimate details that we so often want to avoid, yet, Emma’s ability to weave a path through the darkness then guide us back into the light, is a testament to her strength as a human being and the indelible mark she is leaving as an artist.

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“The whole piece was so relatable, even though I have a different cancer. Thank you for gathering this circle to hear your story and for reminding us that we are not alone. It was cathartic and healing.”
Cyndi Logan

Vulnerably authentic

Breastless is a vulnerably authentic journey through crisis and the self, all the while navigating the western medical system. It is a story that must be told and heard. Accessible to any human who possesses a heart. Eye-opening and inspiring to watch the storyteller speak her truth and surrender to what is.
Sarah Guest

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