About Emma

With a passion for language from an early age, I started work life as a bi-lingual personal assistant in England and a part-time interpreter in Italy – where I also learned the impassioned use of gesture!

At age 22, a bad low back problem led me to studying the Alexander Technique which not only got me back on my feet, but also opened up a whole new way of thinking about the potential causes of problems we might consider medical issues. So I trained in the Interactive Teaching Method for teaching the work of F.M.Alexander, with a particular interest in coaching actors and musicians.

In 1998 I moved to British Columbia, married and in 2009 I became a Canadian citizen. I had given birth to two Canadian children so I thought it only natural that I should become one myself. The photo is me being sworn in with my sacred text of choice – The Complete Works of Shakespeare!

While juggling work and raising a family , I was hit with a cancer diagnosis in 2016. I found solace in writing poetry and journaling and then life brought another beautiful opportunity; I was offered a place on the Sunset Theatre‘s Exploration Series in Wells, BC to work with a dramaturge on turning those writings into a piece for the stage.

And so Breastless was born in 2018, found her feet over time and now is a fully complete one-woman show.