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You are the Result of every Decision you make.

You are the result of every decision you make. An obvious truth made so poignantly vivid by Jeremiah McDonald to his 12 year old self in this popular video.

There are so many inspired moments, but my favourite has to be at 3’20” where Jeremiah makes a decision, having woken-up to himself. The fire is re-lit inside him, he’s back on purpose and nothing else matters but pursuing his passion; “what he does”.

And he takes action.

Ahhh…is there anything better in life? Is there anything more worthy of celebration than witnessing (or being) a person acting on their deep recollection of themselves?

Decide to spend your next 4 minutes watching this delightfully clever and funny creation or abandon reading this post now.  You’d be “wasting your time in front of a screen” trying to make sense of what I write next, if you don’t.  And I’d hate to be blamed for that 😉

So, what do you do exactly?

What did you do before you decided not to?

What were you doing “before you made this video”? At whatever age that was.

Do you remember? Or did you “blink”?

Sometimes we need help remembering. I know I did. And still do from time to time, to be perfectly honest.

The art of remembering appears to be not just a one-shot deal. And can be approached from so many different angles and sources.

I have the great privilege of witnessing such moments as people step out of their habitual ways that get them through life. I see them touch back in to how they are in themselves and to those memories of in the moment aliveness. It seems to re-light a spark of passion and sends people out of my door and off to find their own “dreams of being an animator” before they got lazy and went into film-making.

I do love that joke! Just had to be reminded…


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