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I want you to experience the limitless creative expression that comes through physical freedom!

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"I've finally experienced the difference between working 'hard' and working 'smart'!"

S. Scotto

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Transformational Work

Transformational Work

I needed a teacher who had a very high level of knowledge who could help me with a specific vocal issue,
as I was having difficulty in both singing and acting. I could still produce attractive sound, but I was noticing a great deal of vocal fatigue, which was worrying me.

I found some other people who were specifically vocal coaches, but I knew that I didn’t want those traditional methods as in the past I had found most of them to be very stressful.

I wanted a greater sense of freedom and ease in my work, and I was also looking to deal with this major vocal issue that had come up. I wanted practical, useful, measurable improvement and to be honest, I wasn’t sure that this was going to provide that.

I signed up for the newsletters while still in Ecuador, and once back in Canada, I got an e-mail mentioning that Emma was going to be in Vancouver at an acting studio.  I signed up right away and I did both the first and second level group session.  And I was not disappointed.

The work was transformational.  

Having pursued a lot of group work, private classes, and personal development with my body and my voice, I can very easily tell when change is occurring within me, and those first two classes created a massive change and gave me an experience of ease in the production of sound that was far more enjoyable and freeing than anything I had felt in quite some time.

Over a period of 2 years, I took three large group classes, two small group sessions and two private classes with Emma. And I basically credit the work I have done as giving me a greater sense of ease and freedom in my singing, as well as with the disappearance of any vocal strain.

I did a solo show in the summer of 2013 which involved multiple characters, and some drastic changes in vocal quality, and I experienced no vocal fatigue during the performance or after.  It was a very demanding show, but I was able to perform all the characters without pushing.

I have also gained a greater sense of trust in myself.  My self-awareness in terms of both mind and body has increased vastly, and I feel even more prepared to take on any new performance situation than previously.

Colette Nichol – www.colettenichol.com

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