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Hi, I'm Emma

I want you to experience the limitless creative expression that comes through physical freedom!

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This Is Me

This Is Me

Emma in 30 seconds. Go!

My passion for supporting live music by supporting the performer comes from a fascination for all things ‘music’ and a belief in loving connection.

I played violin, piano and sang in choirs from an early age, hung out with rock musicians as a teen, ran away to Italy and discovered opera in my 20’s, got married in Canada where I discovered folk/roots/blues in my 30’s, had children and discovered the joy in making up songs and lullabies with them in my 40’s, while CBCRadio was always on to keep me sane and in touch with music of all genres.

I find purpose and joy in coaching and helping performers of many stripes. I recharge in a caring community steeped in nature’s gifts. I get a buzz from travelling, feed my soul with live performance and fill up my heart by being home with family and friends, where some kind of music is nearly always playing.


Now should you want the full story:

Like many journeys of transformation, mine began with a physical crisis.

A bike accident, combined with years of trying to hold my life together – literally, through self-created physical tension – resulting in a sudden crisis at age 22 with such extreme back spasms that I had to be carried to an osteopath from my office desk.

Faced with no choice but to resolve the back issue or lead a life of constant physical pain, I began to dedicate myself to healing.  After seeing physiotherapists, osteopaths and orthopedic surgeons, with very little in the way of lasting results, a friend off-handedly suggested that I tried the Alexander Technique.  Never having heard of it, I was intrigued; read a book on it in one (painful) sitting and immediately sought out private classes.

I was so immediately hooked by the ideas that I sold my trusty Fiat Panda to pay for this rather different education; one which transformed how I was using my mind and body to create my results.

After discovering that much of my physical pain was a self-induced response to my internal stress and that I could change all of that, there was no turning back.  In 1991, I committed to teacher training in Bristol, England, but by the time I graduated with a certificate from the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique in 1994, my journey had already taken another turn.

In 1993, I had encountered the pioneering work of Dr. Donald Weed, an American chiropractor, trained actor/director and teacher of Alexander work. After just 4 mornings of group work with him, I knew I needed to pursue his ground-breaking approach to personal development and human potential which is firmly rooted in F M Alexander’s work. In fact, I was so impressed with his classes, I transcribed, word for word, the 16 hours of video footage which we later turned into his book, Four Days in Bristol.

His Interactive Teaching Method (ITM) showed such potential for the transformation of how people are educated to live their lives, and articulated so well the dense body of work left to us by Alexander, that I began studying with Dr Weed and in 1998 became one of the first certified ITM teachers in the world and currently the only ITM teacher based in N America.

I had been encouraged to start playing the violin and piano at the age of eight and to join my parents’ madrigal group which performed regularly – including my first ‘tour’ in Germany!
And I see now that my fascination with the person behind the performance started from a really early age when I was lucky enough to be taken to the theatre (RSC and the West End) and concerts (The Proms and Royal Festival Hall) and encouraged to go backstage to ask for autographs and thank the soloists.

One lasting memory was when asking violinist, Kyung-wa Chung, for her autograph, I was shocked (at age 9) to see her violin case covered in photos of children and to discover that she was a woman and mother too; not just an angel who played heavenly music!

Then much of my teenage life revolved around discovering a very different genre of music and life began to ‘rock and roll’! Growing up in Monmouth, Wales I had the opportunity to learn about the creative and recording process and the inner workings of leading music professionals at Rockfield Studios. Witnessing the hard work (and hard knocks) that goes on behind the scenes to create such musical works of art gave me tremendous insight for which I will be eternally grateful.

My own enjoyment of making music with others on violin and piano, but particularly in singing harmony, also taught me of its power to connect people and lift the spirits.

Over the past 20 years of coaching a wide variety of performers, while further researching the great spectrum of human potential and personal transformation, I have developed my own take on performance coaching which is firmly rooted in the Interactive Teaching Method for the teaching of the F M Alexander Technique, but which also reflects my learning via work with a broad array of practitioners, the storytelling and Jungian perspective of Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes, the guidance from Dr Michael Lennox and human potential seminars at The Haven, BC. (Not to mention a lifetime of reading!)

My work addresses the performer’s unfolding need to grow and become more as the foundation of a successful performance and as the necessary platform for the proliferation of live music so it can continue to connect us to ourselves, to others and to something above and beyond our day-to-day concerns.