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Hi, I'm Emma

I want you to experience the limitless creative expression that comes through physical freedom!

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"I've finally experienced the difference between working 'hard' and working 'smart'!"

S. Scotto

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I first saw Emma when she was giving an interview about her work, and even though I wasn’t in her niche since I’m not a performer, I knew I wanted to work with her someday. She seemed so connected to her work, so radiant when she talked about it, and it just felt like she had a lot to offer.

Her work is so much more than solving physical problems. It has begun an inner shifting process in me that was much needed and I couldn’t be happier and more excited about it.”

Inbal Sivan – London, England

“Working with Emma Jarrett was like a guided tour of my body while I was playing. She made very subtle observations and adjustments and communicated clearly. A wonderful and transformative experience! And since working with Emma my challenges with tendonitis and fatigue have improved dramatically”

Oliver Swain –  www.oliverswainmusic.com/

“Through the release of patterns in moving and being that are not in harmony with who I truly am, I got nothing less than unfettered creative expression and alignment to my heart and soul through my body.”

Zoey Wren – www.zoeywren.com

“Emma is a gifted instructor. I had heard of Alexander Technique for years, but it was studying with Emma that finally helped me experience the deep simplicity of the work and the profound impact that it can have on my acting.”

Michael Bean – www.imdb.com/michaelbean

Anyone looking to find greater freedom in either their voice or movement production would be wise to study with Emma. I experienced a sensation of physical and vocal freedom unlike anything I had ever felt before. Her work is truly transformative!”

Colette Nichol – www.colettenichol.com

“I really value not only the technique itself, but the way you teach it! You are so approachable and knowledgeable and I was proud to bring my acting colleagues to the workshop today.”

Megan Natalie Phillips – www.meganphillips.com

“I have had sessions from Emma on and off for over a decade and I regard her as one of the best teachers I know. A session with Emma always takes me back to the basics of what I am doing with my body in order to obtain the results I am getting and as such I have never had a lesson with her that didn’t throw up profound insights.”

Maevon, Berlin