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Stage Age

Stage Age

I heard on CBC Radio2’s Morning Show that Tom Petty has named a phenomenon that he experiences when he performs.

Petty has reported that when he gets on stage he no longer feels his body as aging and stiff but easily and comfortably sings, strums and struts his stuff fully immersed in his love of making music, connecting with his band and sharing with his audience.

He calls this his Stage Age!

Is it simply that he is distracted; that he chooses to put his mind on everything other than those restrictions and blocks them out? I think there might be a more powerful and useful cause to consider.

I believe it is possible that when he puts his mind on his art, his passion, his ability to musically express his ideas in performance, he literally changes how he moves. I believe it is possible that he thinks and moves very differently when on stage and therefore is not actually causing that stiffness or restriction and instead enjoys the fullest expression of himself.

I obviously don’t know and would not state categorically in his case unless I had the opportunity to work with him, but I regularly see musicians thinking and moving differently according to what and where they are playing and as a result they experience themselves and their music differently too.

The power behind this kind of change is often put in the creativity itself, the ‘zone’ that they ‘find’ themselves in. I am stating that the power is in our own thinking and that we can consciously and deliberately fashion that to our benefit.




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