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Joyful Ease

Joyful Ease

When was the last time you played with joyful ease and precision? The last time your voice was full and resonant without strain?

For some, it was just yesterday and that’s great! And I wonder; would you like that reliability with the added freedom to keep exploring and improving?

Sadly, for others it was not so recent. In fact, it might be getting harder to remember when you last played without concerns.

Perhaps you are freaked by hints of a voice problem and fearing you might not be able to reliably hit those high notes.

Or you might be losing your nerve for living on the creative musical edge and find yourself hiding in the safety of the tried and tested.

Has your arm pain became intolerable and your fingers weakening?

You want to know you will play for the rest of your life; your life-blood comes from making music with others and experiencing the joy of sharing it with a room full of people.

Don’t worry.

You still can.

AND you can enjoy the freedom to keep expanding as a musician and keep improving creatively.

To find out how this approach can help you, click here.

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