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Peace Begins Within

Peace Begins Within

It is said that charity begins at home. I believe that peace starts here too.

Literally, right here at home in our minds and bodies.

Peace is most often met and mentioned on the global scale; a desired condition for which most of us look to leaders on the world stage. So many of us hope for a peaceful resolution to war and civil unrest while we get on with our apparently unthreatened, busy lives.

But what about exercising more than hope? What about declaring peace, moment by moment, inside of you?

I worked with a woman recently who is intent on a better experience in her body so that she can resume all the things she loves about life with renewed energy. After our usual discussions and explorations, we focused on her right arm in which she had limited movement and some discomfort. As her understanding grew, she started to realize how she could let go of ‘holding on’ and simply rest her arm in her lap.

This may not seem like an earth-shattering change and is certainly not on the scale of world peace, but I was touched by the look of peaceful calm on this person’s face as she considered the full implications of what she did not have to do.

I have witnessed many times this type of surrendered, peaceful moment and its life-changing potential. It never fails to put me in awe of what we are capable of; for ourselves and for all those whose lives we touch.

In another class I joked about being surrounded by battalions of people who are trying to find the right thing to do in order to solve the problem of already doing too much.

(Think about it!)

I spoke of how the work of F M Alexander has taught me to stand up and ‘wave the white flag of surrender’.

Not to give up.  Not to quit.

But to drop the conviction that we have to try harder and harder in order to change.

I see around me such conviction that by simply doing the same thing more, we will solve the problems caused by the misplaced effort. I am more of the opinion that, in the process of letting go of this very conviction, we will get further towards our personal goals and closer to resolution and peace, individually and collectively.

To use the example of my arm-holding client above, now that she has had the experience of resting that arm rather than a continual clenching, she can now move it when required and leave it peacefully at her side when not. Those of you who have worked with me know how profound that change can be – especially when applied as a principle in all that you do.

So, whether you are convinced or questioning of how much effect you can really have in the outside world, why not let peace begin with you? Simply because you are worth it and you just never know what it might inspire in others.

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2 Responses to Peace Begins Within

  1. This is a wonderful little essay. So much wisdom packed into those words “Let go” and “surrender” or “I can stop trying so hard” and, most of all, “I accept myself just as I am”. From there I can go to “What’s next?”

    • Thank you, Barbara. Clearly, you see the wisdom in stopping the unnecessary work and that question, “What’s next?” is such a wonderful opening into learning a more constructive approach, isn’t it?

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