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NOT Playing through the Pain.

Imagine a world without music.

Dead, isn’t it?

Now imagine a world without musicians.


But have you ever considered how much we depend on all those music-makers to add spirit to our lives? And did you know that sometimes it becomes personally very costly to them to be able to keep giving in this way?

There are many reasons why pursuing the life of a musician can take its toll and most tell me it is a small price to pay for the joy that it brings them, and for that I am grateful.

But this CBC Radio Documentary illustrates how at least one of the costs can be easily removed.

“NOT Playing Through the Pain” is only 20 mins long and I believe everyone who enjoys music should take a listen.  (Scroll down to Hour Three, click on Listen Again below and it begins at about 1:20.)

Briefly, it talks of a violinist’s “deep, dark secret” that is stated as being shared by “more than 75% of professional musicians”.

Physical pain.

In this example, the pain was debilitating and would have ended yet another musical career had Christine not sought a solution.

Christine’s solution was not the Alexander Technique per se, but was certainly an education in the workings of her mind and body.

I am thankful that there are many voices out there stating that it is possible to prevent musicians from getting to a point like Christine’s where she had to quit playing music for four long years.

Voices sharing the knowledge that it is possible (and sadly all too common) to be causing oneself damage, strain, even injury whilst playing an instrument or being a vocalist. And that it is equally possible to become trained in stopping the unnecessary actions that do not make music, but make for restriction, distortion and intense fatigue.

And this means that more and more musicians are discovering that it is possible to regain and even improve precision, speed and stamina without having to “play through the pain”.

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