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Newton’s Laws applied to You!

Newton’s Laws applied to You!

I really enjoyed reading an article last week about the age-old issue facing all of us go-getters: Newton’s Laws of Motion!

You probably studied these in Physics in relation to the mechanics of our world. But have you ever thought about how they relate to you? Quite possibly you have, where it relates to your movement and results. Some musicians I know completely geek out on the mechanics involved in playing an instrument, others just want to pick the thing up and create sound!

But what about your mental ‘habits’?

I like how the writer, James Clear, relates it here to getting things done. And what inertia might be in this particular arena. He uses Newton’s Laws of Motion as “an interesting analogy for increasing your productivity, simplifying your work, and improving your life.”

F M Alexander, in whose work my coaching is deeply rooted, wrote very clearly about these two principles;

1. Taking away the unnecessary forces that make things harder.


2. Putting effort only in an effective direction.

but I’m not so sure about Clear’s 2 Minute Rule: simply get started within 2 minutes.

Alexander repeatedly urges us all to think first about what we are intent on doing, analyse where we are and what we want to achieve, devise our best route and then start taking one measured step at a time, rather than rushing into action to try and complete.  So if “getting started” can include the mental preparation necessary; the focussed intention which leads to right action, then the 2 Minute Rule is certainly working for me.

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2 Responses to Newton’s Laws applied to You!

  1. Great blog thank you Emma, very thought provoking. I was wondering who James Clear was and what his 2 minute rule was about and then realised I could click through and read his article. So helpful. Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Jane. I am glad you found this helpful. I like how clearly James has written about these age-old issues and indeed the kinds of issues that Mr Alexander was writing and teaching about back in the early 1900’s!

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