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Hi, I'm Emma

I want you to experience the limitless creative expression that comes through physical freedom!

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"I've finally experienced the difference between working 'hard' and working 'smart'!"

S. Scotto

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Improve your Physical Freedom at my 2-hour Workshop in NYC: June 12th

Improve your Physical Freedom at my 2-hour Workshop in NYC: June 12th

I am very excited to have hooked-up with an acting client of mine who has moved from Vancouver to pursue her theatre career in New York City.

So we are combining forces to offer an introduction to my work for artists of all disciplines.

The class “Ease In: Let Physical Freedom Expand your Creative Expression!” is a pre-requisite for the subsequent “Bring It! Captivate your Audience” which will be offered in November 2014.

“Ease In” is all about learning and experiencing the simplest of facts about how we perform at our optimum:

  • the single most empowering truth about solving physical problems
  • a clearer personal understanding of how we are made to function well
  • experience the power of an idea that you can apply immediately

Class size is limited to 8 participants for truly individualised attention and personal exploration within an informal and supportive group setting.  You will be surprised at how you get your mind firing with ideas and questions and how easy your body and movement can be in so short a time.

E-mail me now and I will respond within 24hrs to answer any questions you have.  We can even take 15mins on a free Let’s Talk Skype session so we can meet and chat about whether this is a class for you.

We already have some happenin’ people signed-up (of course, this is New York City!), so do come and join us.

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