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Hi, I'm Emma

I want you to experience the limitless creative expression that comes through physical freedom!

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"I've finally experienced the difference between working 'hard' and working 'smart'!"

S. Scotto

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Is This You?

Is This You?

From my 20+ years of experience, I can describe to you the kind of person who is attracted to me and my work, so if you can find yourself within one or more of the descriptors below, our collaboration is likely to be fruitful!

The Successful Musician

You are a successful musician – however you define success for you.

You might earn a lot of recognition and reward; you might tour regularly; perhaps you write and perform your own music; you have created a CD or two; or you enjoy your job as a session musician and the life it provides. You might be a diva, sing in a choir, play in an orchestra, or you might have an illustrious career behind you and would like to return to performing.

Success by any standards is cause for celebration, but for you right now it’s not all love and roses!

You have recently run into troubling stresses and strains and you are here reading this because something is getting in the way of your ease and enjoyment of your musical life and you would like to return to making music unhampered by the pressure of either a physical issue or a more psychological stress.

You still have a strong desire to do what you love and share your gifts of music, but it’s getting harder on you and you are less and less able to push on through.

Earning a good living from doing what you love is, of course, what all of us dream of and many attain. But the freedom to make music is what counts most for you.
And that freedom is being compromised of late. You are questioning your ability to take the strain. You are questioning the reliability of your voice; when did that powerful, rich tone start to lose its depth?

Or perhaps it is your hands and fingers that are getting your attention? You used to take it for granted that you could move as fast as the music took you, but there’s a tightness or pain of late that doesn’t make you feel so very free and nimble anymore.

You have either had to ‘up the dose’ to damaging levels of anything that previously worked to mask the pain (and this can be physical and psychological) or you simply haven’t found a treatment that lasts long enough to get you through.

I don’t mean to get all deep and heavy on you here, but most of my clients don’t come to my door until they have exhausted all other possibilities and now they realize it is time to get some lasting help which gets them back to having stamina, ease and inspiration.

So let me introduce you to a whole different approach to stopping the problem.


You don’t have to hurt to work here…

There are times I will get musicians coming to me who have heard about my work and feel it can be of use to help them step up their game, but they don’t have a problem. Everything is peachy!

And I love that! Except when we get to discussing what they truly desire, they reveal a frustration. There are many musicians who have an inner conviction that they can expand their musical horizons, but feel they can’t quite express their full potential. There’s something limiting them from what they suspect they are capable of.

You have always dreamt of being a sought-after musician with endless ideas and the ability to keep developing those ideas, but sometimes a certain “schtick” or signature piece, while instantly recognizable as you, which is an imperative, might become a limitation and too defining for further exploration.

With this approach, you unleash your ideas, become more able to explore fresh ways of doing things and with a more expansive mindset – again, working smarter, not harder.

If that is you, then pop on over to Make a Booking and choose my free Let’s Talk session, to chat about it with me.


Time to stop the stress

I meet many independent touring musicians who have to do it ALL themselves. Without the benefits of management, it is not the making of music that is the issue, but handling the multitude of roles you have to fulfil.

That can be stressful, time-consuming and before you know it the music-making is getting sidelined. So the internal feeling of being bombarded and overwhelmed needs to be acknowledged and you need to easily access an inner clarity and calm to face it.

You need to be able to take back control of your own mind, body and stress levels.

It’s no wonder there’s a propensity among musicians for hitting the bottle, or something harder, for reasons other than sheer celebratory enjoyment. We can be talking high demands, peak performance, repeated shows and an intense life on the road. Whatever happened to that dream of success that included the peace and tranquility of your own home (on the beach!)?

So I cannot promise changing what goes on in your work and life, but I can promise a different approach to handling it. An approach that returns you to an inner sense of self, untouched by the external pressures, that you can always be present in, no matter where or what.

An unshakeable foundation to what you are doing.

That’s where the music comes from. In fact, that’s what making music returns you to. Once you are out on stage or in your studio making music, all those worries and fears disappear – but to access that back stage or in the planning stages, or after a show when the high dissipates, that’s what I want for you. Calmer reactions, stronger sense of priorities and the ability to get done what needs to be done.

CLICK HERE to find out how.


The Classically Trained

Yours is the musical world of symphonies, opera, chamber music and cantatas. A lifetime of lessons and practising – probably more time spent practicing than sleeping in fact!

The stresses on you are different, and yet are equally as crippling.

A large number of classically-trained musicians come to me because they cannot take the pain any longer and nothing else has consistently helped. What makes it worse in your circles is that it is almost regarded as a necessary evil and talking about it is perceived as a weakness or sign of not being a true professional.

A double bassist client of mine was told by her Prof. that if she didn’t want excruciating arm pain when she played, then she had better quit playing double bass. I challenged that opinion (vehemently as I recall!), and happily she discovered that it didn’t take much to resolve the problem while still playing her favourite instrument.

But who in their right minds would mention a stiffening wrist, excruciating shoulders or fighting for breath? Who wants to hear about waking in the middle of the night having dreamt of bricks for hands or a collapsed lung? – I do!

Your training has typically not included as much self-care as repetitive drilling. And practicing more of what is hurting you is not going to provide a solution. A tight muscle or restricted breathing needs freeing up, not more work. So you can have more mental energy to practise effectively and more physical energy to do what is required.

You really can play in a way that is joyful for you, does not cause you injury and that is a pleasure for others to witness!

Find out more about my approach.


Jazzman, Jazzsinger

Always on the edge; brilliant in your musicianship and perpetually exploring and responding? That too can take its toll. What might be the epitome of freedom musically does not necessarily translate to physical ease.

You too can experience blocks to your flow from physical restrictions, or blocks to your creativity by a stressed-out mind.

As I have stated above, you can improve your mental processing, speed up those fingers and keep pushing the envelope of your improvising because you will have more stamina – physically and mentally – and be able to assess how you are doing in the moment without it being a distraction from your music-making.

So let me help you remove the unnecessary effort and leave you free to really hit your peak. Book a session with me.


None of the Above?!

You’ve read this far (congratulations!) and perhaps you see yourself as having similar issues, but you’re not a “musician”?

Fear not, help is still at hand and you are clearly perceptive enough to see that you probably don’t have to be a musician to be helped by an approach to the modern human condition of stress and strain.

You might ‘take to the stage’ in a different way; as an actor, as a speaker and leader, as a teacher. And all the above frustrations and restrictions can apply to you too.

So what is to be done?


You have all done the hard work. You have honed your skills, learnt the lessons and taken your ‘performance’ to levels of accomplishment. Now it’s trust what you already have and bring the same skill-set to learning something new which will bring a freedom and ease to the execution of your skills.

A freedom that allows you to step up and inspire others with an even better and more authentic performance!

If this is you, then pop on over to Make a Booking and choose my free Let’s Talk session, to talk more about it with me.