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Hi, I'm Emma

I want you to experience the limitless creative expression that comes through physical freedom!

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"I've finally experienced the difference between working 'hard' and working 'smart'!"

S. Scotto

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Invite Me In

Invite Me In

coaching musicians to get out of their own way and excel at what they love to do.

These workshops are enjoyed in North America and Europe by those who are

a fixture in the Provincial Festival for the Performing Arts in BC for five years where she hopes to catch youth before they run into problems with stress and strain and where she can teach some foundational principles about how to constantly improve and open to more possibilities rather than narrowing in their skills.

Vancouver International Song Institute at UBC invited her to teach masterclasses in 2011 and from there she was spotted by Alexandra Babbel who was building her dream of an opera company in Kelowna, BC. Emma has been on Faculty since 2013 as a key proponent of singing and acting excellence in the operatic form and delights in returning there every summer.

Emma is amazing. Just her very presence in the room makes people smile and gravitate towards her. Then, when she shares her wisdom and offers us the opportunity to “Show up and Shine” ourselves, she warmly invites us in and lets us know we are worthy of being all we can be and of sharing the gifts we have. She lovingly helps us to drop the shielding, holding back, bracing against and tightening up so that we can more easily be open and joyful conduits for the divine grace of music.

You will want to take this opportunity to work with Emma if you find that you are not reaching where you know you want to be and are experiencing strain and stress rather than easy improvement and creativity in your musical expression.

In 2012 Artswells Festival of all Things Art in Wells, BC ran a free workshop for all musicians and festival-goers alike and it was warmly appreciated. Clients have popped up in classes around BC often citing that learning experience as having a strong influence on resolving movement issues and changing performances. And they are keen to continue the learning process for bringing more creativity to their songwriting, ease with their instrument and freedom in their voice.

Emma’s knowledge is well articulated in enjoyable group workshops. You will find yourself laughing, smiling, possibly shedding a tear of connection with others or at a recognition of your own heart and potential, that til now has been hidden or stifled by beliefs and rules that have long outgrown their usefulness and may have become barriers to fulfilling your potential and reach out to others.

Emma knows the power of music, the loving connection that comes from mixing words and music to touch another’s heart and mind – that shared experience is what brings our egos to their knees, our proud posturing to easy poise and opens our hearts to more.

willing to look at how they perform …. in order to share their passion for music and the arts. This ability translates into a healthier, more efficient and heart-led approach to performance, which is tangible to an audience as a more resonant sound, clearer connection between musical ideas and more openness to the musical experience.