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How do You Listen?

How do You Listen?

I went to see this remarkable woman, Evelyn Glennie, when I was a teenager and during that concert I really couldn’t fathom how a ‘deaf’ person could possibly hear enough to be playing music with others.

Decades later, and from a professional perspective as one who now teaches observation and “listening” in all its guises, this TEDTalk particularly caught my eye, or should I say ear.

At 5’38” the now Dame Glennie gives a most wonderful physical and musical demonstration of the difference between using a lot of effort to “make” a connection to her instrument, and then simply not using that effort.

This instant and obvious difference matches what musicians repeatedly experience in sessions with me when they stop so much unnecessary muscular effort and simply bring an effective amount of force into their well-honed musical expertise.

This is part of what I mean by more success for less effort.

I hope you enjoy this clear example.


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